About us

Our Mission

We are passionately dedicated to producing the world’s first practical solar powered drone with unlimited endurance. We believe this unprecedented capability will be transformative for both the defense and commercial surveillance industries.

Our Research Projects

More than five prototypes were created to explore and validate:

  • Ultra lightweight composite structural solutions and construction methods
  • Aerodynamic performance models
  • Ultra low power propulsion systems

Solar Drone – R&D Proto 5

This drone was designed to fly indefinitely under favorable weather conditions.

Solar Drone – R&D Proto 4

This small drone is portable and lightweight (500 grams) but can fly for up to 18 hours.

Solar Drone – R&D Proto 3

Our first solar powered drone capable of day/night continuous flight.


Solar Drone – R&D Proto 2

An experiment with ultralight construction employing a film skin and carbon fiber spars.


Soltech Aerospace

Christopher Bailey

Founder and CEO

Giuliano Di Giacomo

Giuliano Di Giacomo

Aerospace engineer and co-founder

Giuliano Di Giacomo

Ed Warnok